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Web services

Hi, my name is Rob.

I have a beard, i like to build web sites and play the guitar. I've also got a wife and made some little people.

If you need any help with web based things; learning, optimising, designing or building, why not get in touch? It's definitely worth having a look at my portfolio below.

Beardly skills

I specialise in front end, user experience and layout. I take pride in custom writing my code and push myself to try new things on every project. I love working with people and will always ensure what I deliver meets the needs and wants of the client. If you need to manage your own content, I build custom Wordpress themes and can work with many other content management tools including CushyCMS, Expression Engine 2 and Sitecore

Coding languages I work with:

  • php, classic asp and asp.net (C#)
  • JavaScript / jQuery / Prototype
  • xHTML & HTML5
  • CSS 2.1 and 3

Other specialities:

  • Design: I design most of the sites I build, but also love working with other creative people.
  • Scoping: I have excellent analytic and communication skills and will help you get the most out of your new or old site.

About the beard

I started learning about the wonderful world of web and coding around 8 years ago whilst working for a UK based multi-national manufacturing company. My sponge-like ability to absorb information, obsession with challenges and learning new stuff, and general desire to put myself out there, meant I was quickly moved through more developer based roles, giving me the chance to hone my webtacular skills. For the last 2 years I have been working in Chicago, though soon to be returning to the UK and I'm looking to get involved in as many different projects as I can, either side of the Atlantic, in whatever capacity is needed. As long as there is coffee and adventure.
And a love of beards.

Contacting the Beard

Site designed and built by me. Beard image by Jill Spence. For more about Jill, look here: www.jillspence.com.